What is Mind Rocket?

Mind Rocket, LLC is a product design and development firm focused on bringing innovative technologies and products to market.


  • Social Media Button

    Mind Rocket Worker As the first wearable social media device, i2i aims to put the SOCIAL back in ‘social networking’. The i2i device combines the importance of in person interaction with the power and convenience of the internet.

  • Novel Bone Tamp Design

    Great Grips

    Mind Rocket has worked closely with surgeons and bone cement manufacturers to develop a novel, more comprehensive bone tamp that aims to decrease operation time while improving the ease and effectiveness of orthopedic surgery.

  • Sleep Shepherd Sleep Aid

    Great Grips

    The sleep shepherd is an innovative technology that naturally promotes sleep in a busy mind. Wear it, and see how your quality of sleep improves.

  • Tissue Fusion Technology

    Great Grips

    Tissue fusion technology is the future of medicine. Faster procedures, reduced risk, and infinite possibilities.