Design Thinking boot camp

The world is moving faster than ever. Having fresh and new ideas isn't just an advantage anymore - it's mandatory. Our experience in the tech startup industry has given us invaluable real world experience. We believe these lesson are applicable across all fields. This is why we have crafted unique design thinking boot camps geared towards instilling these principles into your company, educational institution or non-profit organization.



What is Design thinking?

Simply put: thinking like a designer. A designer is someone who communicates value to others and improves their lives. It could be artistic value, or it could be engineering value through quality products that make people’s lives better. It is a powerful technique that can be applied to any problem. Case studies have shown that organizations that implement Design Thinking outperform and out-innovate their competitors.

What sets us apart?

The primary aspect that sets our program apart from other design thinking workshops is that we focus on hands-on prototyping and producing tangible results. While we believe there is a benefit to brainstorms and nebulous idea generation, years of product design experience has taught us that you can't really know what works until you try it. We designed this program to challenge traditional ways of thinking and to break old habits. Our goal is to change the way participants look at, approach, and inevitability solve problems.

Headed by President and CEO of Mind Rocket, Dr. Michael Larson, you'll learn how to view the world through the eyes of an inventor. Dr. Larson, who has 7 patents and six pending patents to his name, leads this first-of-its-kind workshop that will enable individuals and organizations to implement design thinking principles into their everyday problem solving.  



What do participants learn?

Participants who complete our Boot Camp course will leave with: 

  • A working knowledge of Design Thinking principles, strategies and tools
  • A clear view of how Design Thinking can be applied to a given field
  • The ability to form an action plan to implement Design Thinking strategies
  • The ability to clarify a project vision
  • An understanding of rapid prototyping
  • Techniques to improve the products and services offered by a given organization
  • The skills to implement Design Thinking to produce tangible outcomes
Think your company, organization or team could benefit from our design thinking workshop? We would love to work with you to customize our Boot Camp to meet your unique needs, timeline and budget. 
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