Re-Imagine Space.  

Emagispace came to Mind Rocket hoping to disrupt Hollywood; we were more than happy to help. The goal was to design a modular wall that could fit any size dimension within a foot, and at the same time be constructed and taken down with ease. The idea could transform the industry, allowing  film sets to be constructed more quickly, more efficiently, and more sustainably. 

Mind Rocket has worked not only on the design of the product itself, but also on interactive software tools that allows users to quickly plan and draw out their project online. Our algorithm then automatically calculates the materials needed and communicates with inventory software to have the walls quoted, purchased, and shipped. 

Emagispace has recently completed Series A funding and has already completed work for Sony, who recently incorporated Emagispace sets into one of their feature films.  


Wall Builder V2 Screenshot.png
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