Changing the way we think about education for infants. 

Our understanding of how an infant's developing mind works has been uprooted in the past 5 years. For the first time, we are truly understanding how vital it is for infants to have direct brain stimulation as early as possible.  But what if, instead of giving an infant toys which they may or may not play with, you could design a device that would actively stimulate and encourage brain development at an early age?  This project was started when the startup company, Baby EyeQ, came to us with this question.

Our jumping off point was binders full of research. From there, we designed and built a fully functional prototype. And, because we understood this project better than anyone else, the client came back to us when it was time to build a brand and media around the product. Since we had been so involved in the project, it was a smooth transition from design and development to media creation.

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