Not Your Ordinary Design Studio.

Mind Rocket is the black sheep in the world of design, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Unlike most design firms that work on just on a small portion of the design process, we view every project as a comprehensive journey. One that starts with a great idea, and continues through design, manufacturing, fundraising and marketing. Our team has taken both internal and external products through all phases of design and marketing. We remain flexible to the client's needs whether that be one specific aspect of a product's design, or a continued relationship through the entire product life cycle.


Our Story

Not a lot of design company's stories involve hurricanes - but ours does. Mind Rocket has existed in one form or another reaching all the way back to 2002. At that time, Dr. Michael Larson and Jesse McClure ran a design studio in New Orleans, LA.  With the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, they were forced to relocate. For their new home they headed to the mountains of Colorado. 

There, they both became involved in The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Over the years, they spent time teaching, heading departments and pushing for new innovative work spaces.

Since then, Mind Rocket has continued growing and expanding until evolving into its current form - a full service product design studio located on the front range of Colorado Springs. 

Our Leadership


Dr. Michael Larson

President / CEO

As the President and CEO Dr. Larson strives to keep Mind Rocket on the cutting edge of innovative design. In addition to his duties as the head of Mind Rocket, he also holds the El Pomar Endowed Chair of Engineering and Innovation and is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. His current research focus is on laser/materials interactions, especially related to medical and homeland security applications. In 2005, New Orleans' City Business magazine named him "Innovator of the Year" for founding and directing a studio for creative design. Dr. Larson has conducted numerous workshops on the topics of innovation and creative problem solving. He has garnered six awards for outstanding teaching.

Michael earned his PhD from MIT in 1992, his M.S. from the University of Michigan and his B.S. from Tulane University, all in Mechanical Engineering.


Jesse Mcclure 

Chief Design Officer 

As Chief Design Officer of Mind Rocket, Jesse strives to transform innovative ideas into actual products.  He has patented numerous inventions including a medical device which uses lasers to close wounds as opposed to sutures or staples.  as the Chief Designer at Mind Rocket, Jesse leads multidisciplinary teams in efforts to create, design and manufacture a broad range of products including medical devices, toys, games, and cutting edge personalized wellness technologies.  

Jesse graduated from Tulane University summa cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 2004 and received his Master’s Degree in 2005 with an emphasis in high energy laser
material interaction.  

Joe Griebel

Principal Design Engineer 

Serving as Principal Design Engineer, Joe focuses on pairing unparalleled function with beautiful aesthetics in every product we design. In his years with the company, he has worked on everything from laser-driven medical devices and wearable sleep trackers to automated sanitation equipment and novel game design. He is also a listed inventor on an orthopedic surgical device patent. Joe has helped develop dozens of products over the years and has been a crucial cog in several commercially successful product launches.

Joe graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2011 with 'highest honors', where he received the award of 'Outstanding Undergraduate' in the College of Engineering. He continued on to rcomplete his Master's Degree the following year with an emphasis in laser-tissue interaction.


Success depends on the team around you. This is why we have carefully built our talented team of mechanical engineers, software engineers,  marketers and brand specialists - all chosen to set our clients up for success.  



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