Change sleep. 
Change the world. 

The Sleep Shepherd is an internal project concepted and designed completely in house. President and CEO, Dr. Michael Larson thought of the idea of harnessing binaural beats to aid those with sleep problems after his own daughter was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder.  

The Sleep Shepherd brand has gone on to raise over $900K via crowd funding and has sold more than 12,000 units - exceeding $1.5 million in sales.


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Full concept design.

The Sleep Shepherd is a living testament to what the Mind Rocket design philosophy can bring to life. Everything from product design to sourcing to media production and marketing was handled by our own in-house team of experts. With everyone working together in this fashion, we were able to bring the Sleep Shepherd to market far faster and for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Keeping all aspects of the design in house allowed us to create a superior product, integrated companion app, and product website with a cohesive brand - all while saving time and money. 

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